“Jake the Road Dawg” is a book inspired by internationally renowned, award-winning Americana/Country singer-songwriter Tia McGraff and her husband and collaborator/guitarist Tommy Parham’s real life traveling companion Jake!

For a runaway pup searching for his “forever home,” in Nashville, Tennessee, hope is everything! But when Jake is adopted by professional recording and touring country music stars, Tia and Tommy, he not only finds a loving family, but also a dream that is bigger than he ever imagined. Jake is 12 years old and a husky Australian shepherd mix with a calm and sweet personality.

Jake ‘the Road Dawg’ must quickly learn confidence, responsibility and that being a celebrity isn’t simply about bright lights and fame. It’s also about hard work, discovering exciting new places and making friends along the road.

Jake’s adventures have taken him as far west as El Paso Texas, far east in Canada as Prince Edward Island and the Gulf Shores of Mexico.

Although this is a children’s book it reaches all ages with its messages of finding a song in your heart, acceptance in your world and love for the adventures life brings to us.

A gifted author, Tia’s children’s book, Jake The Road Dawg has helped raise funds and awareness for her local chapter of The Dolly Parton Imagination Library. The book also includes a CD with 3 original songs written by Tia and Tommy – Two Wolves, Be Still and Crazy Beautiful.

Jake the Road Dawg along with his parents are available to bring this book, its message and the songs to your classroom or community library and children’s parties. Jake loves doing selfies and enjoys
paw-tographs too!!

Jake can help students as well as adults overcome insecurities, learn to overcome obstacles and challenges in new situations and find the joy and song in your heart.

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“As musicians, Jake the Road Dawg has brought us such joy and calm into our life at home and on the road. He joins us on stage for concerts often and brings joy to our audience members too! We were rescued by a shelter dog and we’d love to share Jake with you!”
Tia McGraff and Tommy Parham

Jake the Road Dawg along with his parents are available to bring this book and its message and the songs to your classroom.
We’d also love to help you fundraise for your school and offer a ticketed concert in the evening for the whole family.

A portion of the sales from Jake the Road Dawg go to the local chapter (Norfolk County, Ontario) of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Foundation to aid in the literacy of children.

To Book Jake and Tia for your School, Library, or Event go to:

https://www.chch.com/jake-road-dawg/ With Annette Hamm


Niagara SPCA & Humane Society  wellandspca.com / 1-888-222-0568

Niagara SPCA & Humane Society wellandspca.com / 1-888-222-0568

Simcoe Reformer Article 2017

Simcoe Reformer Article 2017

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