Fan Quotes Of The Day

Rob Jensen :  Tia McGraff.. small town girl, big city talent! 

Kari Barber:  Beautiful music, love listening to our cd! 

Nicole Nascimento :  Radical girl from port Dover sings radical road  

Monika Hofgräff-Riedmüller:  Transylvanian Sister with a wonderful spirit. 

Cecile E. Champeau-Hoare :  If you close your eyes while you listen to Tia sing it is as though you are

watching a screen play in your mind; her lyrics tell a beautiful story! 

Jim n Rose Neblett :  Tia's music sings what your heart would if it only could. 

Ron Niville Friends,, Simply Beautiful Friends 🎠

John Marshall Such a beautiful, distinct voice. 

Gerald Duncan:  Music for your Soul 

Joyce Eileen Bader : Look no further. This is Nirvana. Tia and Tommy an Unbeatable Team. 

Lisa Jo Malcomson: Music from the heart💞🎼 

Carol Baxter : Tia and Tommy Earth Angels they be 
Spreading happiness 
To you and me 😇 

Kathy Doherty : Loved her when she was little and love her now❤ 

Jude Braggins : Honorary Devonians , Devon UK

Al Ross:  Down to earth couple and oh so talented. 

Don Graham :Tia has a voice like liquid honey 

Roz Zander : Grab your wee ones, grab your elders - you'll all be equally enchanted! 💝 

Charlene Walsh ❤️Tia and Tommy the most amazing Angelic couple you will ever meet. Touches your heart 

Maria Del Pilar Lopez : Amazing chemistry between Tía and Tommy! 

Charlene Walsh:  Tia and Tommy so meant to be together and the two most beautiful people

I have met in this world. You are a blessing .

Roland Legge: Tia sings with passion, heart and conviction.

Her lyrics speak of hope something that the world is in great need of. 

Joscelyn Gagnon : Couldn’t have said it better!  

Mike Rosevear: true Canadian idol 

Joyce Bader:  Music for the heart, the soul and the mind.  

Dene Elligsen : Tia and Tommy play and sing with such passion. You don’t want their concert to end!  

Linda Adams:  She makes it hard to remain a narcissistic girl! 

Loretta Fullerton :Etched in my minds eye forever....Me with my granddaughter Elora. I played Tia and Tommy under the apple tree podcast, Crazy Beautiful. Ella, then 7 got this far away look in her eyes and asked me to play it again and she started singing along. I felt like I heard her in a children's choir of many....singing it

Carol Moore STRONG together with passion in our souls, as we move along with song after song, for ever and ever, amen! 

Perry Armstrong : Two of the greatest friends a person could have!  

Kimberly Smith:  They are Radical! 

Joyce Eileen Bader:  It just takes one set and you are hooked for life. 

Valder Beebe:  Tia McGraff is a unique voice of our times, reminiscent of Carol King & Carly Simon.

Tia has the soul of an Angel. Valder Beebe



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