This Canadian singer songwriter has not just made an impact in her native country: she has also toured overseas, creating a good impression here in my native Britain.

This Canadian singer songwriter has not just made an impact in her native country: she has also toured overseas, creating a good impression here in my native Britain.

Last night Tia McGraff and Tommy Parham opened our Freewheelin' Concerts season. The songwriting was brilliant. Tommy's guitar playing was tasteful and complemented the songs beautifully. Tia's voice soared and swooped, bringing out all the nuances of each lyric. The audience loved it!  But there is something more, something that is hard to describe. There is an emotional connection between Tommy and Tia and between them and the audience that draws you in and resonates within you. I don't know what is, but when you see them play, you'll feel it too. 

Brian Cumming 
Freewheelin' Concerts 
Dundas, Ontario

"Tia's voice has a special beauty. She has the rare ability to touch people with her music and somehow make them better..." Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

- Bob Harris, Whispering Bob BBC Radio 2


CBC Radio
Randy Bachman and Andrew Gold have written songs with Tia McGraff and it's not hard to see why they've collaborated with this native of Port Dover, Ontario: her tunes bring an engaging edge to alternative country. Country fare of a more pop-oriented persuasion may draw more fans than the Americana favoured by McGraff and her peers, but those whose tastes lean more toward authenticity will find much to like in her music.
Mark Rheaume CBC Radio

Mike Fuller Music Director, High Plains Public Radio
Tia McGraff's Reckonin- my new favorite Tia tune! From what I've heard so far, it's her best production and strongest batch of songs yet...

 ““Tia McGraff is a fantastic singer with her own vocal personality which reminds me of an early Linda Ronstadt. It’s just a matter of time till that magic moment when everyone agrees it’s Tia’s time”……..
Randy Bachman (BTO and Guess Who) ”
 ““What a tastefully produced collection of exceptional songs and Tia’s soulful vocals ooze with compassion and honesty. To say it is impressive would be an under-statement.””
- Paul Kennedy, Seaside FM (Aug 12, 2013)

Tia McGraff - Break These Chains
Tia McGraff's latest album Break These Chains is her finest recording (in a list of strong releases) to date. It is an exquisite collection of songs with the most tasteful of arrangements. Engineering by Jonathan Edwards and production by Tommy Parham (who also sings harmonies with understated elegance) help to give this cd a sound quality that is outstanding.
Make no mistake about it, this lady is a first rate, breathtaking vocalist with an ardent delivery that makes you believe every word. She (and Tommy ) are also impassioned songwriters who are quickly becoming two of the most respected performers in roots and Americana circles. This cd deserves a prominent place on your "2013 best albums" shelf !!!
Make sure you check Tia and Tommy out in a "live performance"! They blew the house away at the Freewheelin Concerts show in Dundas last season !
Jim Marino
Freewheeling Folk Show
93.3 CFMU -or- -worldwide
September 15, 2013
"Tia McGraff, without a doubt is one of the most authentic singers and composers of our time. She does it again, but this time her voice is captured as the beauty of an Angel [and a bit of Carole King] singing “Like I'm Forgiven.” Reminding us that we need not carry our burdens and start living.
- Valder Beebe, The Valder Beebe Show (Mar 02, 2010)