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Round and round and round we go. Where this new norm lands God only knows! Do you feel that way too? Some days I just get dizzy from all the updates and information flying at us from all directions. 

Tommy and I should be excitedly packing and making final preparations for our June 2020 UK tour and rolling down the road like the gypsies we were meant to be. But, of course, life has changed for all of us. Now I feel more like spinning tumbleweed. 

I remember the first time I saw tumbleweed. It was fascinating and exotic to me. 

We were on our way from El Paso, TX to Albuquerque, NM to perform at Solid Grounds Concert Series. There was a spring storm brewing and the blowing sand made visibility and driving nearly impossible. Tommy was just about to pull off the highway, when suddenly a big spiny ball appeared, bouncing across the road, up on the hood of our rental car and ricocheted off the windshield. I watched it disappear into the blinding sand, swallowed by the vast desert. That was tumbleweed. 

And that’s how I feel right now, unattached, without roots. Just bouncing and spinning my way into the vast unknown, dizzy from the daily changes. Especially, the whole ‘live internet- concert technology-working the bugs out, new norm too. I’ll leave that job to Tommy. He’s the tech head in this show. LOL 

No, I’d prefer to hole up in my writing room and let my creativity drift into my next children’s book or maybe a song. I dunno. It doesn’t matter. I’m tumbleweed now, light and free with nothing holding me down. Look, there’s an interesting little ghost town just ahead. Maybe I’ll even find something I thought I’d lost? Like an old dream? 

Perhaps this is the perfect time to clean out those closets, throw away the old limitations and let that forgotten dream roll me forward into the exciting unknown. See how adventurous and daring I can be. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. I’m traveling tumbleweed. 

In fact, I just printed out a wonderful, motivational piece written by successful author, Andrea Jarrell who encourages “it’s never too late to pursue your dream.” Her first publishing deal didn’t happen until she was 55! 

She advises 1) Bring yourself to the page and write, write, write. 

This week, as we spin and bounce into the new norm, perhaps this will encourage you too? 

Let’s pull up our socks (and those old nasty roots) and just roll with it, into the brave, new unknown. 

Bring yourself to the first empty page of your new story and write, write, write. 

Nope! Travel restrictions can’t hold us down. 

After all, we’re like tumbleweed. Bouncing, bouncing, and bouncing across the Kansas Plain toward the Land of Enchantment or maybe Devon, England? However, we roll. This is our story.

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